Managing Factions

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Managing Factions

What is an NPC Faction?

NPC Factions are a group of NPCs that stick together. They signify a race, or a group of individuals from a race within a location.

Creating an NPC Faction

An NPC Faction can be created by using an NPC Wand on the ground, then selecting Global -> Factions Menu.

Note this will create a blank NPC as well. Delete it when you are done unless it is required.

Important Rules to follow regarding factions

  • All factions must be paired with an opposite. For example, you could create a faction called 'Ra Loyalists' and 'Abydonians' to service the world 'Abydos'. This ensures there is always an 'opposite path' to befriending a faction, even if we dont use it.
  • All methods for gaining reputation with one of the paired factions should have the opposite effect for the opposing faction.
  • All Factions should be visible and be attacked by mobs.
  • Factions can be renamed and hidden, but must never be deleted.
  • You should seek approval from an Admin before creating a new NPC faction.