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The difference between Canon and Canon-ish

Some of the best bits of Stargate unfortunately only lasted a short time.... which has assisted us in making the decision that the server will never be truly canon, at least as far as roleplay/storyline aspects of the server go. That being said - the stargate franchise itself allows for multiple parallel universes... one of which this server could theoretically fall under...



The year is 2019 and the Tauri have been going through the gate for well over 20 years.

Technology has advanced - Earth now has a large fleet of star-ships and leads a coalition of worlds in the Milky Way, with Outposts in Pegasus and in various other places in what is now known as the L-Cluster, a group of 5 galaxies in the local group.


The Goauld were scattered by the Asurans after the treaty between them and the Tauri, but the Tok'ra, Jaffa and Tauri never truly managed to fully wipe them out.

Atlantis Expedition

Atlantis has returned to Pegasus to develop a resolution to the Wraith problem.


The Wraith, in the absence of Atlantis and their allies developed intergalactic hyperdrive technology and have scattered to the universe... raiding not just worlds in Pegasus, but countless worlds in the known universe... including those in the Milky Way.


The Asgard managed to get in contact with the Vanir and able to save their race from the degenerative disease that was killing them off. That, coupled with the fragile peace treaty between them and the Milky Way replicators have allowed them to flourish, at least in the short term... spreading out into the Milky Way, Ida and Othala galaxies as well as expanding their presence in Pegasus.


The Asurans came to an understanding with the Tauri, acknowledging them as sibling species. They willingly submitted to having their aggression disabled and replaced with a colder, more logical directive that simply meant they were to spread out throughout the universe and replicate.. their primary directive.. and at the same time setting up defenses against the Wraith and friendly outposts for the Tauri and their allies.


Many of the Ancients have come forward in time and are in the process of reinstating Atlantis to its former glory after meeting with Dr. Weir in the first time-line in which most of the Atlantis Expedition drowned after the city failed to rise.


The Nakai finally managed to communicate their message to the Destiny expedition, only for it to come too late.... the Destiny had already run into a new, fierce enemy and alerted them to earth's existence..