Getting Started

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To begin, you should link your Discord and Minecraft accounts in our discord server ( if you haven't already, this is just a suggestion though, you can go without but it is recommended as our community operates around the discord server.


Leaving The SGC

To start you probably don't want to be trapped in the SGC like many players have been for the soul reason of they didn't know what to do because lets be honest, instructions on what to do to start off from there are not the easiest to understand.

So Lets Begin, you want to first talk to the payroll officer and claim your first (and only) paycheck of the universal currency for NPC's, naquadah, after that you then want to go talk to General Hammond and get your first mission, after that you want to make your way to the armory to gear up for off world travel, buy the equipment of your choice and store whatever you have left in the "Vault Manger" NPC as you might need it in the future and you don't want to loose it on death, next you want to go talk to Walter otherwise known as the SGC gate operator, or if you want to dial elsewhere then you may choose one of the other gate operators, but I highly advise that you read what they have to say, because it is a one way trip if you leave MilkyWay.