Creating Structures

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Creating Structures

What is a Structure?

A Structure is very similar to a schematic, but has some cool additional features to make sure gates and rings work, ZPMS spawn rarely and NPCs spawn as well.

Creating a Structure Template

Constructing your Structure

1. First, build or paste in your structure.

2. If your structure is not a CUBE or RECTANGLE shape, or does not have a defined square base that touches all 4 corners, fill the area around it with Structure Void Blocks until it does.

3. If your structure contains:

A Stargate: Place a Minecraft Structure block in DATA mode above the base block, making sure to name the DATA tag 'sgbase', without the quotes.

A DHD: Place a Minecraft Structure block in DATA mode above the DHD, making sure to name the DATA tag 'dhd', without the quotes.

A ZPM Console, Cart or Hub: Place a Minecraft Structure block in DATA mode above the Device, making sure to name the DATA tag 'zpm', without the quotes.

Transport Rings: Place a Minecraft Structure Block in DATA mode 2 blocks above the transport ring block, making sure to name the DATA tag 'rings', without the quotes.

The above is purely to make sure that when generated, the devices operate as intended - and in the case of ZPM devices or DHDs, they are randomly filled with fuel or zpms of varying quality/amount.

Conditional Spawning Tags

The Structure Generator for StargateMC supports many custom structure block data tags, as seen here:

Saving/Publishing Your Structure

This is as simple as running the /sg createstructure command.

Example usage: /sg createstructure StructureName 10 10 10 false

If you wish to capture entities (mobs or NPCs) for some reason set the false argument above to true.

Downloading Your Structure file

You can download your structure file at once it is successfully published, either for your own use or to provide to Staff as a new template to go into the Live Server via Github.

How the structure bounding box is calculated

The Bounding box that contains your structure is calculated using the block position below your player's feet, as well as the block position that resides at the offset location.

eg: If I am standing on 0,0,0 and set an offset of 10 10 10 in the /sg createstructure command, the structure will snapshot everything between 0,0,0 and 10,10,10.

Another example: Player is standing at 52,75,55 and runs a command of 7,7,7 will capture everything between 52,75,55 and 59,82,62.

Testing Your Structure

You can use the /sg genstructure MyStructureName command to generate your structure in the world, subject to spawning rules. This is helpful for testing!

Spawning Rules for Gates

Stargates may only exist once on a world, or in orbit. All future structure generation attempts for those containing stargates will fail.

Structure Tags

Tag Usage Example Description Behavior if missing Optional
races races:TOKRA,GOAULD,HUMAN,TAURI,ANCIENT,JAFFA,ORI,WRAITH Defines what races that a structure can be spawned for. The structure can spawn for all races, or abandoned. Yes
developmentStage developmentStage:None,Tribal,Medieval,Industrial,Modern,Advanced,HighlyAdvanced, UberAdvanced Defines what technology level the races need to be to spawn this structure. The structure can spawn for all development levels. Yes
chance chance:50 Defines the chance the block below the data block will be deleted when generating. This is useful to make certain blocks only spawned with the structure part of the time. Blocks will always spawn with the structure, unless manipulated by another data block. Yes
npcSpawns npcSpawns:Civilian,Soldier,Trader,Trader_Type,Common_Boss,Uncommon_Boss,Rare_Boss,Legendary_Boss Defines that an NPC should spawn at the location of the data block. You must specify the types of NPCs that can spawn at the location. NPCs will not spawn within the structure. Yes
spawnPositions spawnPositions: Defines the spawn position categories this structure can spawn in. Structure will only spawn on the solid surface of planets, or as ruins underground or on the bottom of an ocean. Yes